Project Overview

Big Mart

The BigMart application contains approximately 15,000 thousand items that the visual family needs as part of its daily activities ... from foodstuffs of various types and items to household, electrical and sanitary materials...

BigMart is your best choice in the delivery service. We have a specialized staff to deliver all orders to our valued customers and to various areas of Basra Al Fayha

The BigMart application works side by side with other social networking sites to meet all your requests, taking into consideration. Our concern is for the most accurate details of the required products and to deliver them safely while preserving the privacy of our honorable customer.

Attention has been paid to all the details inside your mart, from the type of product to the details of the dyes and the taste within the same type, and we made it easy for you to search inside your mart. You can search by typing part of the product name first, then scan the serial number which is shown on the product package and in order to know the prices inside BigMart. With us, life is easier and better.

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