Project Overview

Felicia Vivo

Feliciavivo- is an aggregator of services - a convenient and understandable way of searching and placing services.The services are listed in categories and marked with markers on the map. You can select a currency from the list, send a request (push-notification), to make a call, send a private message or e-mail, as well as navigate the route from your location to the service. By placing services a user can translate their name and description into several languages. The mobile application Feliciavivo is created for business of any site in the field of medicine, beauty, sports and education, as well as for large clinics and small medical centers, beauty salons and Spas, fitness centers, gyms and educational institutions, for private professionals, and also for consumers of these services. The Internet service of the medical, beauty, sports and education services consists of the website www.feliciavivo.com and the mobile application Feliciavivo. This system contains a multivendor online catalog of services and a thematic social network. The website and the mobile application are presented in 4 languages. Services are posted by users in the general catalog by categories.?Types of Accounts.The service has 2 types of accounts - " Customer account" and "Business account". Change of profile type is prohibited.?Customer account.User " Customer " has one kind of profile - profile in Business Social Network Feliciavivo. By default, its profile is closed from other users (only the avatar and name are visible). To access the profile information, you must send a request for "friendship" and get its approval. After registering the user gets the opportunity to make requests for services (in this case, the service provider receives a push notification), call and send private messages to other users, add photos / videos, create groups and events, make various publications, etc. Privacy profile has flexible settings.?Business Account.The user "Business" has two kinds of profile: Company Profile and Profile in the Business Social Network Feliciavivo.The company profile has an open and private part (business panel). The open part is available for viewing and it contains information about the company, contacts, geolocation and the list of services provided by the company. In the private part, business statistics are kept about customers who made an application for its services. Also there is a function of automatic accounting of users who showed interest in the company by visiting its profile within 1 year. This information is presented by the list and the schedule, only the owner of the profile has access to it.In a Social Network, the "Business" user has a profile open for viewing by default. In this profile, in addition to information about the user, his friends, groups, photo and video albums, an interactive list of published services is formed, and geolocation is established.?Catalog of Services.As already mentioned above, the services are hosted by users themselves. The user "Business" has the opportunity to fill in the catalog of services in the available categories, to offer new categories.The service has a short and full description, can contain up to 5 photos, it is linked to a Google map. Up to 5 hashtags can be attached to the service. By placing services a user can translate their name and description into several languages. The "Business" user receives instant push-notifications when requesting his service.The price of the service is indicated in the currency selected in the profile settings. The system has the ability to switch currency. The exchange rate is integrated with a third-party online service.

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